Unleash your CREATIVE side with DJI osmo

New Zealand, the mecca of extreme sports and outdoor adventure, explore the paths less travelled, dare to conquer the epic and live to tell the tale about it. This winter capture your incredible journey in the most cinematic fashion and win with DJI Ferntech 2019 DJI OSMO video competition.


  • The minimum video length is 3 min, the maximum is 10 min.

  • 80% of the footage must be shot with the DJI OSMO Action and/or the DJI OSMO Pocket

  • The creator should have the appropriate license on all elements used in the video.

  • The setting must be in New Zealand and the theme, Winter..

  • Minimum required resolution 1080p







Theme (NZ Winter)

Audience Engagement



date of submissions

Submission starts: 05/07/2019 Submission ends: 27/09/2019 Announcement of the winners: 16/10/2019


  1. Email all entries with the unit’s serial number to marketing@ferntech.co.nz with the downloadable link to your video.(Google Drive or Drop Box). Once the entry has been received you will get a confirmation that you are in the contest.

  2. The entry video must not be published on any public platform or social media sites as this will result in disqualification.

  3. The DJI Ferntech team will be selecting the top eight finalists from all entries submitted.

  4. The top eight finalists will be uploaded onto DJI Ferntech’s Youtube Channel on the 30th of September. The title of the videos will be as submitted and the descriptions will be generic to all eight finalist.

  5. Starting from the time the video has been published the online voting will commence. A “like” on the video will be count as 1 vote, a comment will be considered 2 votes. The video engagements will be measured on the 9th of September at 12pm NZST.

  6. Participants are welcome to share the videos from the DJI Ferntech’s Youtube channel and encourage people to subscribe and vote on the comments section. (*only the likes and comments made on the Ferntech Youtube Channel will be valid)

  7. The video that has the most number of votes will be the winners of the contest. Voting will end on the 10th of October 2019 at exactly 12 PM NZST.

  8. An email will be sent to all participants on the 16th of October 2019 to announce the winners. Three winners will be selected, a grand prize winner, a 2nd and a 3rd runner up.


First prize: $1000 Gift voucher from DJI Ferntech

2nd Runner UP: $500 DJI Ferntech Voucher

3rd Runner UP: $200 DJI Ferntech Voucher

The rest of the entries will be showcased on DJI Ferntech and DJI Global social media channels. Subscribe below to see some of the amazing works from the creators across New Zealand

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