The presence of drones in surveying projects means significant changes within the industry. Surveyors are embracing drone technology for more accuracy and efficiency in a range of projects, and photogrammetry has now become a must-have in every surveyor's toolkit.

At DJI Ferntech, our team work closely with surveyors to help them achieve what was once out of reach. Our clients have utilised drones for a range of activities, including project planning, site mapping, volume calculations, tracking progress, inspection, and more.

DJI drones and cameras can capture detailed imagery from the air with excellent accuracy using easy-to-fly, inexpensive equipment such as the Phantom 4 RTK or more advanced craft such as the Matrice 200.

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A standard Phantom 4 can only achieve about 5-meter accuracy for photogrammetry. With the Phantom 4 RTK, you can map out an area, building or stockpile with an incredible horizontal accuracy of up to 5 centimetres. The Phantom 4 RTK achieves this with the use of its on-board high precision RTK system, along with TimeSync which ensures accurate calibration between the camera and RTK module.

The Phantom 4 RTK transmitter now has a built-in 5.5" high brightness screen and replaceable batteries so you can ensure a flat transmitter doesn't delay your job. With the latest GS RTK application on board, mission planning is easier than ever before without the worries of aftermarket applications or flat iPad batteries. GS RTK now supports KMZ/KML import so that pre-planning flights can be done at the office with higher accuracy.

It is still sporting the legendary Phantom 4 1-inch 20-megapixel CMOS sensor with global shutter. And with the latest OcuSync 2.0 HD digital image transmission technology, the connection between the drone and pilot is as reliable as possible.

But don’t just take our word for it! Read this review of the Phantom 4 RTK by Michael Cutfield, Survey Manager at Fletchers NZ.


When conditions get tough, the Matrice 200 series of craft are IP43 weather resistant and can handle much stronger wind than other craft. This means less interruption to your planned aerial operations. The Matrice 200 series payload abilities allow mounting of multiple cameras and can integrate a Post Processing Kinematics GNSS system. The PPK system means that you can achieve highly accurate maps without the requirement for ground control points saving you time and money. The Matrice is the workhorse for commercial operations. Its reliability, redundancy and ease of deployment make it perfect for our tough conditions.

“After trailing other multi-rotor UAV airframes with PPK, we discovered the DJI Matrice 200 with the Klau PPK attachment. It is a very cost effective package. The M200 airframe is rugged and flies smoothly without incident, and the PPK unit is easy to use. The survey modelling results from the system amaze us every time we fly.  But most importantly, the service and support from the team at DJI Ferntech is first class!”

Michael Cutfield, Survey Manager, Fletchers


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