discover the full potential of the dji osmo pocket and osmo action cameras WITH petra leary

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DJI Ferntech and Petra Leary welcome you to join us on the 29th of June Saturday for our DJI OSMO Pocket and OSMO Action Workshop.  

Petra Leary is an award-winning New Zealand born aerial photographer. Her ability to capture her subjects from unique perspectives is striking and groundbreaking.

She has an innate design sensibility, reflected in her unique process from conception to post-production. An intrepid world traveller she hunts out unique landscapes captures them from unforeseen angles such as her signature bird’s eye angle from above and manipulates and accentuates colours in post-production to create her final work.

Her work is bold yet straightforward in arrangement and composition. Belying this effortlessness are deeply honed technical skills and a sharp, iconoclastic eye for pop culture.

In this workshop, Petra will talk through the primary navigation of the OSMO Pocket and OSMO Action menu and how to utilise each option. She will also take you through different accessories that work best on a specific type of scenarios to produce unique angles when working with the OSMO cameras. During the session, she will also discuss the use of different ND filters from PolarPro when shooting video and explain the basics of how this can help in producing cinematic footage out of the OSMO camera.

Petra is exceptional in post-processing. Her work shown on her Instagram account @petraleary highlights her unique approach in photography. On the workshop, she will also demonstrate a few of her post-processing techniques from the images produced by the OSMO cameras. At the end of this session, you will be able to confidently navigate your OSMO camera and learn new ways of capturing and processing your photos and videos to the next level.

Towards the end of the workshop, there will be a Q&A session with Petra and the DJI Ferntech team, as well as showcase the new OSMO Action.

The DJI OSMO Camera Workshop will be held at 11 am, Saturday the 29th of June at the DJI Authorised Retail Store, 96 New North Road, Eden Terrace, Auckland.  

The event is free; however, we require everyone to register below with your details. Before the event, we will be sending a confirmation to everyone who registered. The confirmation email will serve as your pass to the workshop.


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Check out more of Petra's work on Instagram.


Annually SKYPIXEL and DJI holds a competition on photography and cinematography. It’s a celebration of creativity showcasing the best creators across the globe. Petra Leary won the Professional Portrait Category last 2017 and a nominated entry on the 2018 competition.