DJI Ferntech and Sony NZ have teamed up for an interactive symposium to show you how to become a video content creator in today’s digital landscape. 

At Lot 23 Studio in Eden Terrace on the evening of Thursday 29 August we hosted a workshop that highlights the latest technology available to independent filmmakers and content creators.

A range of experts from various fields discussed the latest in video content creation. Drawing on years of experience, our panel taught us about choosing the right tools, shared their experiences in the industry and enlightened us on how to pursue a passion in filmmaking in today’s content-rich world.

We’ve partnered with the leading brand in mirrorless camera Sony NZ who talked about their latest offering in video and stills. We’ve invited self-taught photographer and videographer Ben Mikha, winner of the 2017 Discovery Channel Internship Competition, and he talked about his adventures, shared his workflow and techniques on how to capture cinematic moments from around the globe. We are also joined by Youtube SEO expert Marie Taupiac who gave tips on how to reach a wider audience when publishing your content online.

Watch the event highlights below.

Based in Auckland, Kiwi filmmaker Ben Mikha has travelled the world doing what he loves. As Discovery Channel’s first Global Intern, he has shared his favourite places through his art — learning about amazing cultures and telling the world of his adventures in cinematic fashion. Many of us dream about earning a living from our passion for travel, and Ben has managed to make this happen successfully.

Film Maker and Photographer

Creating film has changed rapidly over the years that Ben has been producing video content. Technology has opened doors to possibilities that we never thought possible. What used to take a five man production crew to accomplish can now be done by a single person and result in astonishing footage.

At this workshop, Ben will tell us how he does it. He will take us through his process, share never-before-seen footage of his recent travels, talk through his workflow, gear setups, composition and post production, and give valuable insights that you don’t want to miss.

Learn more about Ben Mikha through his channels: InstagramFacebookYoutube

Youtube SEO Workshop

Today, having the best exposed photograph or the smoothest shots is not enough to gain attention. If you want to create online leverage and increase your reach, you have to learn about the digital landscape and how it actually works.

Marie Taupiac

Thankfully, Marie Taupiac is here to guide us through the maze of Googlebots and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Marie is an expert in SEO with years of experience in the field. Without clouding our minds with the technical jargon of the digital world, she will share valuable knowledge on how to effectively publish our work on the world wide web. For most creators this is the secret sauce that is missing, and Marie will be sharing the recipe — bring your notepad!

Learn more about Marie on LinkedIn

Photo by @thestorytellerproductions

Photo by @thestorytellerproductions

Sony Mirrorless Cameras

Sony’s mirrorless camera range continues to surprise us with ground-breaking innovations. Over the past couple of years many high-profile creators have been choosing Sony cameras for their photographic and cinematic projects. This is hardly surprising given the outstanding image quality, speed and versatility of the Sony E-mount system.

At the workshop, Aaron Key (Sony New Zealand’s Digital Imaging Product Specialist) will talk about the various features and benefits of Sony’s mirrorless technology. He will also be bringing along a large selection of Alpha and RX products, so this will be a great opportunity to check out Sony’s latest gear and discover which cameras and lenses are best suited for your needs.


Photos by @codystevensphotography

Photos by @codystevensphotography

Challenge Accepted

The Ronin-SC is the new single-handed stabiliser for mirrorless camera that is built for travel. With its lightweight design and superior stabilisation it is the gimbal of choice for many vloggers and travelling filmmakers around the globe. The DJI Ferntech team will talk you through the new Ronin-SC, giving you a chance to try it out for yourself.


No need for camera B

ActiveTrack 3.0 has been added to the Ronin-SC. In the creative mode the camera stays in focus to the selected subject without needing a second person to operate.


Lightweight and compact

The Ronin-SC has passed the mountain test when travelling. With its modular, quick setup design the Ronin-SC pack neatly in limited spaces and be carried with ease.


Cinematic footage anywhere

The perfect travel companion, the Ronin-SC allows you to capture smooth footage with your mirrorless camera and push the boundaries of your creativity, wherever you go.


The new DJI Ronin SC with a lightweight design and superior stabilisation. The Ronin-SC is a 3-axis stabiliser for mirrorless cameras, allowing users to create professional footage with ease.

As an all-in-one workhorse for filmmakers everywhere, the Ronin-S offers the ultimate flexibility for single or multiple operators on any set. Featuring DJI's acclaimed stabilisation algorithms, the professional versatility of the Ronin series comes in a new lightweight and singlehanded form factor. Film with total control over your vision with the Ronin-S!

61.0 effective megapixel resolution, true-to-life gradations, and blazing speed come together in a full-frame mirrorless camera body that is capable of capturing reality you can almost feel. The α7R IV was built to withstand the rigors of day-to-day professional use.